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After a review process, the Church Council has engaged Rev. Austin Newberry as our Interim Pastor. We selected Pastor Austin on his background and recommendations of his strength as a liturgist, and preacher, his work with the community, and his willingness to take on the many tasks here and support Grace's programs. We feel confident that he will be an assurance to the congregation and will be able to help the church continue its positive path.


Pastor Austin comes to us from First Lutheran Church in Louisville Kentucky, an ELCA church where he has served for six years. Formerly a Benedictine Monk, he attended seminary with, and is highly recommended, by Fr. Greg Perez who many of us know from Trinity Episcopal, Bayonne. Pastor Austin also served as an administrator and director of worship at St. Meinrad College, teaching courses on aspects of Christian theology, and Thomas University as an adjunct religious studies instructor. During his time at First Lutheran, he involved himself in outreach to the community, improving the church's food bank and making connections with other churches to benefit those in need. His Church there is known as 'The Welcoming Place'.


 Pastor Austin describes his ministry in these words:

"My call is to feed people. I want to break open the words of scripture through preaching and teaching so that we might find nourishment in God's word. I want to share the self-giving presence of Christ in bread and wine with all who come to the table. I want to invite those hungering for a deeper relationship with Christ into the possibilities of spiritual direction. Finally, I want to make sure that no one seeking physical nourishment is turned away empty."

Jim Pustorino, Council President

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It is a pleasure to introduce myself as I look forward to meeting all of you in person. I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL where I was brought up in the Roman Catholic tradition. After high school, I moved to Indiana to attend a college run by Benedictine monks. After graduating, I joined the monastic community and after making final vows as a monk, was also ordained to the priesthood. For the next ten years I had opportunities to engage in pastoral ministry in a variety of settings both in and outside the monastery while also serving as teacher and administrator in the college.


Having discerned a call from God to leave the monastery, I returned to Florida where I worked for The Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court. While living in Tallahassee I met my spouse and also became a Lutheran. In 2009 I began my journey toward pastoral ministry in the ELCA. Having followed my spouse, Dr. Darrin Carr, to Columbus IN where he is a psychology professor, I received a call from First Lutheran Church in Louisville, KY, 70 miles away. During my time as pastor there, I also served as dean of the conference and the developer of Episcopal Lutheran Ministry at the University of Louisville


Once again feeling the urging of the Spirit, I resigned that call in July after a little over 6 years. It was sad saying goodbye, but I am confident that God has much more in store for me. What a privilege it is for me to come to Bayonne to walk with Grace Lutheran as your interim pastor on your journey of discernment about what comes next and as you begin the process of calling your next pastor.


Please pray for me. I whole heartedly promise my prayers for each of you.

Pastor Austin

There will be a pet blessing at the church on Sunday, October 10 from 9:00-10:30am.

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Pentecost 21: October 17

Pentecost 20: October 10, 2021

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