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Grace L
Reflections from Pastor Gary

Old dog and new tricks? Sure, it’s possible; sometimes it is necessary. It is very similar to good habits and bad habits. However, breaking a bad habit can produce huge roadblocks to overcome. Anyone that has quit smoking knows how difficult this can be. How many times did you quit before you quit for good? God always equips us with the tools for life that we need, but it is easier said than done.

The path of this discipleship begins with not taking what doesn’t belong to you, especially taking someone’s life. I even get the instruction of not craving or lusting over those things that are your neighbor’s. Obviously, these are those good habits to keep center focus, but the one about not bearing false witness about my neighbor makes my wheels lose traction as I spin in the mud, dragging God’s name through that same mire. When I finally get to the big exhortations, like not having any other gods, my knees wobble and I begin to tremble.

I confess that I am to “fear, love, and trust God above anything else.” It is such a simple, good habit to get into. It would be a snap if it weren’t for all those other gods. The one and only God just seems to get in the way of living life to my fullest. Then there’s the one about leaving regular room for God. Our mom used to preach regularly that it took her eighteen years to teach us the good but the bad seem to come naturally.

After over one year of COVID paralysis and wholesale life adjustments, I often wonder how lessons learned will impact our “new normal.” I wonder if making time for the Sabbath is still a good habit. People regularly joke with me about rolling over in bed to pick up a morning meditation or a Sunday worship service. It certainly gives the impression that faith no longer sprouts hands or feet. I could be wrong. Our mom lamented that it took eighteen years to do the good. Grace Lutheran is opening on Sunday, May 2, at 11:00am. Now is the time to start a good habit. I will see you on Sunday!!


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