Sunday Worship begins at 11:00 a.m., followed by a time of fellowship. It is a great way to start the week, centering on God's Word and that promise of compassion and forgiveness. The service will move you. And if it doesn't, Christ will! Summer Worship is 10:00 a.m. (July 1 through Labor Day weekend.)


Holy Communion


Grace Choirs

Music is an important part of our worship experience at Grace Lutheran. We are blessed to have a myriad of talents that include a growing choir, trained piano, organ, and instrumental music, along with special music pieces from the larger community. We are a liturgical church, however, ritual does not hinder us from providing innovation with the worship experience, such as jazz bands & liturgical dance groups to name a few.

Adult Choir

Children's Choir


Outdoor Worship

GT2 Worship

Grace Lutheran Church

Trinity Episcopal at Bergen Point

Trinity Lutheran Church, JC

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Mother's Day Worship

Mothers Day 2019.jpg
Mothers Day 2.jpg
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South Hudson Lenten & Holy Week services

Bayonne Interfaith
9/11 Remembrance
Service & Vigil
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Bayonne Interfaith Thanksgiving


Musical Guests

Ed Beales and the Marty Hoff Big Band




Sean Manuel


James Weidman Ensemble

Amazing Mbazi (em-bozzi) Singers from Angola!

Milwaukee Children's Choir

NJCU Instrumental Groups


King's Daughters of Praise Dancers from Trinity Lutheran Church, Jersey City

trinity dancers.jpg

Organist Mark Gould


Wagner College Choir

Gary's Reflections

October 6
October 13
All Saints
November 17
November 24

Advent 1

January 12

January 26

February 9

February 16

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00:00 / 09:12
00:00 / 09:28
00:00 / 09:44
00:00 / 11:28
00:00 / 11:28
00:00 / 14:34
00:00 / 15:08
00:00 / 10:25
00:00 / 14:57
00:00 / 14:57

Morning Meditations

March 25-31

April 1-15

April 16-30

May 1-15

May 16-31

Guest Preachers

Chaplain Gregory Cook

Bayonne Medical Center

Deacon Irene Pyke

Wallace AME Temple

Bayonne High School

Junior Chamber of Commerce

Reverend Samuel Silaban

EGER Lutheran Homes & Services

Reverend Arnd Braun-Storck

Seafarers International

Reverend Dean Brown

Assistant to the Bishop

NJ Synod

Reverend Will Henkel


Dr. Patricia espejo

Jersey City Public Schools

Jim Pustorino